Destination: Taiwan

People tend to stereotype Taiwan as a little, overcrowded island centered around manufacturing industries. However, Taiwan is much more than that. Taiwan has something for everyone: stunning natural scenery, rich traditional and modern culture, beautiful beaches, renowned hot springs and delicious food.

Taiwanese culture is the distinct result of a mix of traditional Chinese, aboriginal, and Japanese culture, which is reflected in Taiwan’s food. Taiwanese people are known for treating others with politeness and respect and the friendliness of the local population is remembered long afterwards.

Do you love the outdoors? Taiwan’s nature varies from sandy beaches to misty mountains, which gives guests an array of destinations to visit. Many people go on weekend trips to Hualien to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and relax on the coast. Taroko Gorge, a 12 mile long canyon bursting with green vegetation and turquoise waters, is located in in Hualien. There are activities for the whole family ranging from swimming, water sports and hiking.

Taiwan is also home to pebble beaches, beaches of golden sand, and even black sand beaches. Recommended beaches:

1.Kenting’s golden sand beaches are located on the southernmost tip of Taiwan and are the best beaches in Taiwan. Fun family activities include boating, diving, swimming, surfing and jet skiing.

2. Hualien’s Cow Mountain Beach is located perfectly between Taiwan’s aquamarine ocean and sky-high mountains, offering easy access to both. This isolated black sand beach is a great place to relax in untouched nature.

Taiwan is known for refreshing, first-rate oolong tea. Oolong tea flourishes due to Taiwan’s geographical location and mountainous landscape. There are many locations throughout Taiwan that you can visit tea plantations and sample freshly picked tea.

Hot Springs:
If you want a relaxing getaway, there are more than 150 hot springs throughout the country you can visit. The warm waters of these springs soothe, revitalize and reinvigorate the body, perfect for a relaxing vacation.

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